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TV Asahi will leverage the power of its mass media content
to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.

TV Asahi Now a Signatory
to the SDG Media Compact

TV Asahi became a signatory to the SDG Media Compact on July 6, 2020, and was officially approved as a member the following day.
TV Asahi will leverage the power of its mass media content to stimulate the interest of large numbers of people and inspire them to act towards achieving the SDGs.
Our group company Asahi Satellite Broadcasting Limited also became a signatory to the compact in February 2020.
The TV Asahi Group will fully employ all the media it possesses in its efforts to promote and raise awareness of the SDGs.


Initiatives Contributing to Achievement of the SDGs

01Social contribution through content

By providing coverage about people and businesses working toward achieving the SDGs, TV Asahi will inform people about the SDGs and ways to solve related issues. TV Asahi has been proactive in regularly covering environmental and societal issues in its information programs and news reportage. In addition to continuing to do so, TV Asahi will also broadcast various special features to further deepen viewers’ understanding of SDGs.

人をつなぐ 未来につなぐ SDGs
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人をつなぐ 未来につなぐ SDGs
BS朝日 SDGs on the web

02Environmental protection

Under the slogan “What we can do right now”, the TV Asahi Group is working on conservation initiatives with the aim of passing on a beautiful and rich natural environment to future generations.

TV Asahi Group has been implementing measures to reduce CO2 emissions by switching to LED lighting and incorporating energy-saving features. The Headquarters and Ark Broadcasting Center has adopted the Renewable Energy Certificate System of Japan Natural Energy Company Limited where a portion of energy used are traded into renewable energy. As such, 3.2 million kWh of electricity used since April 2020 is deemed as green electricity which is equivalent to a reduction of 1,500 tons of CO2 emission.

Moreover, TV Asahi has been recycling discarded video tapes since 1998. The disassembled video tape components are recycled to make construction materials, etc.

03Diversification of work styles, promotion of women’s workplace participation

Since 2017, the TV Asahi Group has been carrying out “TV Asahi 360o Work Style Transformation” reforms to cultivate work environments that support employees’ mental and physical health and also facilitate flexible work styles that are responsive to the needs of women at different life stages. The company will further develop these reforms to create working environments that are conducive to achieving high job satisfaction.


TV Asahi is the only commercial broadcaster that is a member of 30% Club Japan, which aims to increase the ratio of women in companies’ key decision-making bodies. TV Asahi promotes women’s workplace participation and advancement and also has been focusing on nurturing women candidates for executive positions.

04Educational support

TV Asahi contributes to society through the provision of comprehensive learning support. This includes TV Asahi Guided Tours and classes led by TV Asahi employees at schools and other academic institutions. TV Asahi also provides learning support to adults, including seminars taught by TV Asahi employees at local government establishments, companies and organizations.

05Social welfare activities

In 1977, TV Asahi established the TV Asahi Welfare Foundation, the first-ever social welfare corporation to be established by a commercial broadcaster. The foundation makes use of its affiliation with a television broadcaster to engage in a wide-range of welfare activities that focus on children, single-parent households, people with disabilities, senior citizens and others.

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TV Asahi operates the TV Asahi Doraemon Charity Fund to aid disaster victims and support disaster-related welfare activities. The company grants all of the donated funds collected via appeals made through various TV Asahi programs and other media to disaster-affected areas.

Information on past donation drives

SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals)

Adopted at a United Nations summit in 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals are a set of 17 global goals and 169 targets relating to issues such as poverty, hunger, energy, climate change and peace, which are to be achieved by 2030.

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