Regular Press Conference by the President (Outline)

May 28, 2008


Masao Kimiwada, President
Michio Uematsu, Member of the Board in charge of Programming and Entertainment Division

Audience Ratings:

Mr. Kimiwada:

Though we are well into the new fiscal year, our golden time and weekend programs are still struggling. I know it is not an easy job to improve the ratings in these time slots, but to boost the ratings in these slots is going to be a major task to tackle this y ear.

Mr. Uematsu:

The audience ratings from April were: 7.8% for all day placing us third, 11.3% for golden time placing us fifth, 12.1% for prime time placing us third, and 8.6% for prime 2 placing us at the top. On a year on year basis, the figures are +0.2 for all day, ]0.2 for golden time, ]0.2 for prime time and +0.2 for prime 2. The ratings for the programs in the 19:00, 20:00 and 21:00 time slots have not increased but the daily weekday programs are doing well and are contributing to the increase in the all day rating. As for out affiliated stations, ABC and KBC achieved a triple crown of top ratings in three categories, all day, prime and prime 2.

50th Anniversary Programs:

Mr. Kimiwada:

We will broadcast the drama, "Koori no Hana" for two nights consecutively. As a news and information program we will air a sequel to "Earth in Crisis 2008". We have lined up "A Housekeeper's Curiosity" and "Nishimura Kyotaro Travel Mystery 50th Episode Special" for our "Saturday Night at the Mysteries" slot. We will air "Superman Returns" on "Sunday Movie Theater". We have invested on the movie "Red Cliff" which will be released in two parts, the first part in fall 2008 and the second part in spring 2009. As non-broadcasting business, we will put on the musical classic, "Swing!" from August to September this year. The "tokyo Picasso" exhibition will be held from October to December, 2008, in two venues simultaneously, the Suntory Museum of Art and the National Art Center, Tokyo. And the "tv asobi Special 2008" will be held in the TV Asahi atrium and the arena outside this summer.

Special Program Lined-Up:

Mr. Uematsu:

We will air "Earth from Above", a part of our Earth Environment Specials series navigated by Katsunori Takahashi, at 21:00 on May 31. Other special program line-up are: a sequel to "Earth in Crisis 2008-II", the final episode of "Maison Ikkoku" and "Danso no Reijin" (a beauty in male attire). As for the 50th anniversary projects, we are working on a number of projects that will take place from fall this year to February in 2009.

2007 Financial Statement:

Mr. Kimiwada:

The advertisement revenue is not good but we have made it up by non-broadcasting revenues. We expect this tendency to continue and become even more prominent from this year onwards. Nevertheless we intend to continue to put our funds into the production cost, which I think would put pressure on the operating profit in the future.

Sales Results for April and Current Sales Status of May:

Mr. Kimiwada:

In April, the spot sales was 93.5%, and the total sales went slightly above 95%. In May, we are expecting the spot sales to be somewhere around 80 to 85 %, and the time sales has already surpassed 100%.

Revenues from Non-Broadcasting Business:

Mr. Kimiwada:

We are organizing two festivals: "Fuji Rock" to be held from July 25 to July 27 and "Summer Sonic" to be held from August 9 to August 10, both of which are expecting an audience of more than 100,000. Both festivals have become well-established steady events. We are also organizing "wire 08", the biggest in-door rave party in Japan. It will be held on August 30 celebrating its 10th anniversary.

In the Content Business Department, the novelized paperbacks based on "Buddy" sold more than 660,000 copies in total. If we add the hard-cover version, the total will exceed 700,000. Also, the novelized paperbacks of the Friday Night Drama, "Arenft You a Criminal?" and the mystery drama, "Puzzle", will be published in June. The DVD versions of "Special Samurai Drama: Hit-to-Kill 2007" , " Mirai Koshi Meguru" (Meguru, a Lecturer from the Future), "Hodo Station: Amazing Landscape Series", "Summers x Summers", "The Negotiator" will be on sale. As our merchandising business, the game base on "Tottado ! Yoiko no Mujinto Seikatsu" ("Got it! Yoikofs Living on a Desert Island") as much as 110,000 units!

The film, "Buddy ?theater version" has drawn 2 million 680 thousand audiences and has grossed 3.2 billion yen in box-office sales to date (as of May 26). We expect the figures to grow even more. The movies we have invested that is waiting for their premieres are: "Furei, Furei ! Shojo!" (Hurray-Hurray Girl!") to be released in October, "Red Cliff"Gand "Hitoshi Tadano, the Extraordinary Undercover Detective" to be released at the end of the year through the New Yearfs holidays.

Inter-media Developments:

Mr. Kimiwada:

Approximately 300,000 viewers participated in "Test the NationG Earth Test" and it is particularly worth noting that participants via data broadcasting make up 38% of the total participants. "Yajimuma Plus" has started data interface broadcasting. To respond the requests from our viewers for a quicker access to daily life information, we have structured the data broadcasting focused on the weather and traffic news. Eventually, we would like to add economic news and information as well.

The Talk with the President of TV Tokyo Corporation:

Mr. Kimiwada:

The content of the talk we had will be posted on the in]house newsletters of both stations. We talked about how we should deal with the change in our channel numbers due to the digitalization, the problem particular to our stations; how to increase the awareness of new channel numbers among the viewers; what we can do to cooperate; and we encouraged each other. There are many ways to raise awareness but one thing we agreed on and would involve you, is to ask the newspapers to rearrange the layout of their television and radio page so that the stations will be listed in the order of the number of the channels by July 24, 2011.We agreed that we would ask Nikkei Shimbun and Asahi Shimbun to begin with.

Doraemon Fund:

Mr. Kimiwada:

The fund has raised 68 million 910,900yen as of the midnight today (May 28). When we consider the short span of time since we launched the campaign, we are already receiving substantial donation.

"Dubbing 10" System:

Mr. Kimiwada:

This system can become a big blow to the right holders depending on how it is applied. I think that the "respect for content and return remuneration to the creators" mentioned in the fourth report of the Information & Communications Council are the two points we should value and adhere to. We are not sure whether the system will start on June 2 but we think that a consensus among the four relevant parties is an essential condition. We would like the system to start as early as possible but the right holders need to be comfortable with whatever measures that will be taken.